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Whimsical Black Girl Mission:

1. To inspire and embolden Black women through the community that we foster and the products that we create. 

2. To provide unique, creative items that are affordable and accessible.

3. To advocate for authenticity while consistently giving back to our community. 

Hey friends!


I'm Spencer L. A. Stultz, founder and CEO of Whimsical Black Girl. I am a proud native of Columbus, OH, and am a midwestern girl through and through.

I know that we just met and all, but can I tell you a secret?


Whimsical Black Girl is the result of my biggest dreams and wildest imaginations. And if you have any experience with following your dreams, you know that it is both a thrilling and terrifying journey. This brand and company captures my very essence and nature, while exploring the intricacies of my Black womanhood.

I began this business as an act of reclamation; much of what I value most within myself - my creativity, my optimism, and my quirky, playful nature - are all traits that throughout my life I was advised to suppress, get rid of, or "grow out of". And for a long time, I tried to. It took many highs, lows, arguments, and what seems like an endless journey of self discovery in order to return full circle to myself (no wonder why Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is one of my favorite books!). In conceptualizing my brand, I wanted to ensure that I honored my core self, since my artistry is an extension of this, and since my arts-advocacy work is focally geared towards those like me. 

Thus, I decided to pay homage to ..... *insert drumroll* ..... myself, and the authentic me that I was created to be. Super 'self-indulgent-artist'-ey of me, right?


But the thing is, I didn't do this just for me. I wanted to make sure that any black womxn who is hopeful and playful and unconventional - and just a tad bit bizarre - knows that they aren't alone. I often think about how if I knew just one person like me while growing up, I'd have wasted much less time, money, and energy attempting to be everything other than me. 

The concept of a happy, carefree, playful Black womxn is an oddity; it pushes the realms of how Black womxn have been characterized and understood both historically and contemporarily, and complicates the oftentimes damaging narratives that dominant culture propagates.

Inside of a Whimsical Black Girl, there is an abundance of possibilities. Her very nature - which can be rather unorthodox - makes way for these possibilities to manifest into reality. A Whimsical Black Girl is bold, yet curious. She is fanciful and unpredictable. This abstract nature is endearing, and when fully embraced you truly have the ability to change the world. 

So cheers to all of the Whimsical Girls and Womxn out there! You are seen, and you are valued. 

I invite you into my journey, and promise to be as authentic and transparent as I possibly can, because this world could use a lot more of that.


I can't wait to see what is in store for us.

Remember to Stay Whimsical!

With love, 


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February 2019

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March 2019

SU Pan African Studies Grad Student wants Portraits in Exhibit to Create Dialogue, Social Activism

Girlhood Interrupted:

The Erasure of Black Girls’ Childhood

A Study by Georgetown law's center of poverty and inequity about society's adultification of black girls

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